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Nov 27, 2017

Traylor and Melody are joined by Pastor Evan Welcher to discuss grace and death, suffering, the testing moments of trials, and finding joy again.

Evan discusses his journey and his story of losing his wife and trusting the Father in painful moments. After meeting at bible college and becoming friends, Danielle moved home to be close to her father while he battled cancer. Cancer was something that was always a part of their lives with her father battling it and Evan’s mother passing away from it. With the ups and downs of life, Evan and Danielle reconnected later on and began to date and eventually married. About 14 months after their wedding, Danielle was diagnosed with lymphoma. Evan reflects back on the feeling of having to watch a love one being sick and dealing with sorrow, pain and loss with the death of his bride.

Evan is senior Pastor of First Christian Church in Glenwood, Iowa. He graduated with a B.S. in Biblical studies from Emmanus Bible College in 2005. Evan’s goal in ministry is to “stir up love for Jesus Christ by the giving of great care and fidelity to the teaching of the scriptures”.