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Dec 4, 2017

Traylor and Melody are joined by Michael Leahy, the founder and CEO of BraveHearts to discuss sexual addiction, the grace of the gospel, and an upcoming online summit, called Breaking Free Summit.


Michael grew up in a Christian home with all the markings of a “normal” childhood. After moving from LA to Spokane, Washington he began to feel like an outsider and was bullied. Michael looks back at the exact moment he was introduced to pornography on the playground at 11 years old. Once he had seen the porn and kept it a secret with the other boys, the bullying stopped.This led to Michael viewing sex as acceptance and porn gave him a semblance of manliness. Michael continues to reflect back on how this viewing led to a sexual addiction went onto seep into his adult life, marriage and ultimately through his divorce.


Michael is the founder and CEO of BraveHearts, a faith-based, mentoring-centric ministry that's been helping Christian men build and maintain lives of sexual integrity so they don't have to suffer the consequences of sexual sin. Michael has written 5 books on the subject, shared his story of redemption in hundreds of churches, colleges, and conferences. He is committed to helping those break free from the brokenness of sexual addiction.


Michael and BraveHearts are hosting a 10 day online virtual summit called Breaking Free summit. The summit will contain interviews and stories from 45 leading experts in the subject of pornography, sexual addiction, and recovery. All the materials are free for the first 48 hours and after that will be available through the all access pass which is available for purchase. Any money raised goes to BraveHearts and other organizations involved in the summit including Undone Redone. The summit will run from December 10-19 and you can find more information at