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Sep 3, 2018

Tray and Melody are back for part two of their two part series on healthy conflict in marriage. They dig more into what having conflict in a marriage can look like when it is healthy and how to handle conflict with grace.

Tray and Melody discuss how loses yourself in your coupleship can often times lead to more issues and more conflict because if you are properly inmeshed your spouse should understand. The problem with that is that when you think that your spouse is thinking the same thing which leads to stagnant frustration. 

Tray and Melody also talk about the need to be assertive and how not being assertive can cause more conflict than being assertive and stepping up. This can lead to resentment on one side because it causes one spouse to step up and fill the void that the other will not assertive themselves into. 

Having a desire for your husband to be assertive does not mean sitting, waiting and hoping your spouse can be a mind reader. Melody and Tray talk about what assertive and active listening actually mean and how they can impact your marriage in a positive way.