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Jul 14, 2020

On this week’s episode of the Undone Redone podcast, Marnie Ferree returns to talk about healing from betrayal trauma with Melody. Marnie is the founder of Bethesda Workshops, a program that specializes in providing a place of healing for those damaged by pornography and other forms of sexual addiction. 

She and Melody discuss how women that have experienced betrayal can begin to rebuild their lives after their trust is shattered. Marnie then explains that we all need help in walking through our addictions and our wounds.

Our listeners can get access to all of Marnie's resources at

Quotes from this episode:

“Forgiveness is an intellectual decision not an emotional one. That means you make a conscious choice no matter how you feel. You may still be angry, yet you forgive. You may still be in pain, but you forgive. You may still be wearing the scars of the abuse, but you forgive.” - Marnie Ferree

"Very often, it is the recognition of betrayal by a spouse that helps to illuminate a woman's story." - Marnie Ferree