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Jul 31, 2017

On this week's show, Tray and Mel are joined by author, speaker, and life-coach Seth Alan Taylor who openly shares his journey of recovery from pornography addiction and offers hope and help for fellow sojourners.

Seth's first book, Feels Like Redemption, leans into the issue of porn addiction, but is a book for everyone who seeks to experience freedom in their lives. Trained by Dr. Dan Allender at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, Seth brings deep insight and wisdom to this important question of “How Do People Change?”

A few quotes from this episode:

“We carry our trauma in our bodies, but we survive in our brains.”

“I started training myself how to feel.”

“Instead of trying to master our trauma, we must move into it.”

“There is no resurrection without a crucifixion.”

“We must stop seeking lives that have no scars.”

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