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Jan 16, 2018

Tray and Melody spend episode 140 discussing the emotions and feelings that surround January 11th, which would have been their 26th wedding anniversary. As you may know Tray and Melody were married in 1992 and then their world unraveled when they divorced for 6 years before reconciling in 2008.

Tray shares a story of feeling totally alone on Christmas Day and running into a groomsman in his wedding at the movies when he was in line to see a movie alone. This was the first time he was seeing this man, who was part of his "community", since his wedding and his sin was on display. 

Tray and Mel discuss how during their separation they viewed their anniversary as a sad reminder of this failed marriage. For Tray their anniversary was a constant reminder of his sin and what it had done to his family. Now they are able to look at January 11th as a day to reflect on how they have grown and changed.

They discuss the need for community and how the meaning of community has changed over the years. Mel discusses how their communities both together and apart have improved their marriage now. They discuss how knowing people is different from being known and having that real community of raw, honest truth of who you are deep down. The need for community is overpowered by the need for that community to be real.